Guide: San Sebastian, Spain

san sebastian

It was Saturday night as we  strolled across the Puente Del Kursaal bridge crossing over the Urumea River from the Gros neighborhood of San Sebastián (a hip younger crowd popular with surfers and American college students) into Parte Vieja, the oldest part of San Sebastián (literally translates to english as ‘old part’).  We were here to navigate and eat at the famed pintxo bars in San Sebastián.

At the risk of looking too touristy we had mapped out where our first stop would be on our self guided pintxo bar hopping evening.  As we turned down Fermin Calbeton Kalea entering the main area of pintxo bars in San Sebastián, a throng of people surged outside of each bar, some crowds larger than others.  We found our first bar of the night, Borda Berri.  Intimidation crept in but we made our way towards the counter and ordered up our first pintxos and glasses of txakoi of the evening.

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